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Step 2 of 5 - Upload Artwork

You have chosen the Product as - Mupis. Please ensure that your artwork conforms to the following aspect ratio mentioned.


For Maximum visual compatibility, upload an image in the size mentioned.

  • You must upload an image that fits the dimensions of this particular model. For this session, it is recommended that you upload an image that fits the following dimensions - 142px width x 212px height. Follow the template at the bottom of the page.
  • After you select your image, click on click here to Upload.
  • The image will be uploaded and will fit into the space for this medium. You must then fill in the registration form to send the visualized image to Kassab Media.
  • Due to the contstrains on the product image, it may be possible that parts of your artwork are cut off.
JPG only, Max file size 512KB. click here to upload
  • Sample Mupis Dimensions