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Dubai Ferry gets smart tourist guide service

25 Nov 2014

The Public Transport Agency, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has launched a smart tourist guide service billed as ‘Nahaam’ on board the Dubai Ferry, offering passengers a rich travelling experience with a commentary about tourist landmarks en route, adding to the excitement throughout the trip.

Dr Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of the Public Transport Agency, said: “The launch of this initiative adds to the smart service offering to various spectrums of the community and responds to the wishes of Dubai Ferry riders, particularly tourists and visitors hailing from all corners of the globe.

“The smart tourist guide is a dedicated system displayed on board Dubai Ferry screens showcasing tourist landmarks of the emirate on the line of the trip using a GPS based display, enriched with promotional information and materials,” said Al Ali.

“We have branded this initiative as Nahaam; a name of an antique heritage practice once prevalent in the UAE where a person accompanying sailors plying the Arabian Gulf on pearl-fishing trips used to chant heritage songs that inspired, entertained and cheered up pearl fishers relegating the woes and risks associated with their profession. Pearl fishers in turn used to repeat the popular songs after the Nahaam.

“We, in the RTA, are keen on giving heritage-inspired names to the services we offer to the public as part of our endeavours to reinvigorate and revive our glorious past and link it with our current impressive achievements as well as our promising future. Moreover, using traditional and historical names in our services is part of the innovation and creativity we are seeking to realise,” he added.

The Nahaam smart tourist system is a tablet computer fitted in the Dubai Ferry’s captain’s cabin and is linked with display monitors in the passengers cabin. At the start of a trip, the system displays a short movie about safety tips followed by a pictorial display of key tourist landmarks en route, accompanied by an audio commentary.

The system also displays information about scheduled Dubai Ferry trips, and between different landmarks the system displays a route map showing the current position of the ferry as is the case in airline trips. The system also displays other information about Dubai, the formation of the UAE federation, and Expo 2020, to avoid repetition during the trip back to the point of origin.

The Marine Transport Department, Public Transport Agency, has fitted four Dubai Ferry boats with the Nahaam system.

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