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Sabkha parking facility opens

22 May 2014

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has opened a multi-level parking facility at Sabkha. The facility comprises 365 parking slots. Basil Ibrahim Saad, Director of Facilities & Installations, RTA Technical Support Services Sector, said: “The RTA is always keen on delivering worldclass services befitting the profile of Dubai as a reputed and advanced cosmopolitan city and a splendid destination for visitors hailing from all corners of the globe.

He added: “Carrying out maintenance works comes in line with the RTA’s strategic goals that are aimed at providing best-in-class services to the public, particularly car park users, besides addressing the requirements of safety and sustainability of the building in terms of increasing its life span. Works were also undertaken in implementation of the RTA’s vision, objectives and strategic goals to provide best services to the public; a matter which ranks high in the priority of the RTA which is very much concerned with conserving and sustaining properties in line with the strategic plan, goals and objectives in place.”

“Maintenance and rehabilitation works of the multi-level parking lot included upgrading and maintaining the electromechanical civil aspects of the facility in a way conforming to high quality standards in order to ensure the delivery of the best services to the users of the building in a smooth and safe manner. This is particularly relevant as Sabkha is a popular and vibrant trading hub busy with shoppers and wholesalers; which warrants the provision of efficient and high-quality parking facilities. Maintenance and rehab works were carried out at top quality and safety standards in order to upgrade the terminal and offer excellent services to the public,” added Saad.

The multi-level parking facility is open 24 hours for visitors of the area at rate of Dh3 per hour. The average use of the facility in 2013 clocked 1,500 vehicles per day, and parking slots have now been designated for the disabled; which were not provided before.

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