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RTA in bus driver safety push

26 Aug 2012

It has become a common practice for the Public Transport Agency at the RTA to pay heed to the elements of safety and security aboard public buses, which are fitted with stateof- the-art technologies aimed at enhancing the safety and security of bus riders, and offering commuters comfortable and enjoyable transit experiences to their various destinations around the emirate of Dubai.

Eisa Abdul Rahman Al Dosari, CEO of the Public Transport Agency, said, “As part of our efforts to improve mass transit services and uplift the standards of safety and security on-board public buses, we recently launched a distinct package of initiatives primarily aimed to push customer satisfaction ratings to as much as 87 per cent in 2012, and achieve the targeted bus drivers’ satisfaction rating of 75 per cent in the same year.

“We have set sail our attention to ensure the optimal utilisation of technological systems available in the agency to improve the service offering and raise the levels of safety and security in bus mobility in keeping with the RTA’s vision of safe and smooth transport for all.

“The underlying idea of the above initiatives is to send two text messages to drivers in each shift via the RTA Bus Control Centre in a bid to encourage drivers and uplift their morale, reduce traffic accidents, and accordingly achieve higher levels of safety and security for passengers and road users.

“We send text messages over mobile phones to drivers in their mother tongues to induce the required effect, encourage them to drive with extra caution, and prompt them to deliver excellent services to commuters, such that the number of complaints does not exceed the targeted 22 complaints per 100,000 passengers,” said Al Dosari.

The agency recently distributed 3,000 brochures urging drivers to avoid triggering three types of accidents (red, green and white) through motivating them to achieve the best scores, and cited the provisions relating to the recognition of drivers as laid down in the Driver Rewards Manual.

Al Dosari launched this initiative in person, stressing the agency’s determination to continue running it along with the initiatives associated with the technological systems meant to improve drivers’ performance and ensure the provision of quality services to bus riders. The CEO of the Public Transport Agency was the first person to SMS drivers via the Bus Control Centre.

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